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We Stand for Love,Unity, Peace, End Occupation

We as a family stand for peace…
we want an end to war and hatred and racism
free Palestine..and all other occupations
as Muslims and Americans
we chose love…
A’isha, Tatiyanna and Angelina


We Are All One

All people deserve equal respect, opportunity, and dignity as we work together to build a peaceful world that will sustain bounty for generations to come.

I Stand with Dr. Khalidi, and with You

My mother was a Holocaust survivor, and she absolutely rejected using
the Holocaust as an excuse to dehumanize Palestinians, Arabs and
Muslims. I will not tolerate anti-Arab or anti-Muslim bigotry any
more than I will tolerate anti-Semitism. Yours in friendship, Maia

In Solidarity


Thank you for this initiative to unite people of good will!

*In Solidarity “We have it in our power to begin the world again”-Tom Paine

My grandson is Muslim

My grandson Musa is Muslim and I will always stand by him and I reject bigotry against our Arab and Muslim neighbors!


I stand with you

An injury to one is an injury to all.

I Stand With You

I stand with my Arab and Muslim family members

Dear Allies,

Thank you for your campaign.

We all have a right to our cultural identity.
Arabs, Africans and Asians have just as much right as Europeans. Muslims have as much right to the practice of their faith as do Christians and Jews or people of other spiritual traditions. Monotheists, the spiritual descendents of Abraham and Iknaton have no right to abuse or insult polytheists. We also have the right to be respected as human beings even if we practice no faith tradition.

Luci Murphy, Convenor
Gray Panthers of Metropolitan Washington



heres my message :
Take Every soul as it is!

We should ALL be loved , not just they who look cute !
We are one World !
Start to act like that , NOW !


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